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Changes to UKC Rules for Dog Events Rulebook

Revisions to the Official UKC Rules for Dog Events.
Chapter 4, Section 3. Pre-Entry
Effective Immediately

Clubs accepting pre-entries must establish a pre-entry deadline after which no further pre-entries will be accepted. The pre-entry deadline must be published with the premium list/club announcement of the event and in any other event information on the UKC website.  Clubs may offer a discounted entry fee for pre-entries. For clubs offering day-of-show/trial entries, exhibitors whose entries fail to arrive by the pre-entry deadline date must be treated as a day-of-show/trial entry.  Entries received after the pre-entry deadline date will be charged the day-of-show entry fee. Clubs may elect to have a Pre-Entry Only event. In such a case no day-of-show/trial entries can be accepted at the event and any entry received after the pre-entry deadline date and time must be returned in its entirety.  Clubs must indicate that the event will be pre-entry only on the Event Application. These events will be designated “PRE-ENTRY ONLY” at the top of their listing in any official announcement/premium list and on the UKC website. This information must also be included in any other club announcement of the event.

Pre-entries are to be submitted directly to the club’s Event Secretary or the club’s designated Event Manager. Third party entry services must have the written permission of the host club in order to take entries for any events offered by a UKC licensed club. All third party entry services that list UKC licensed events must state clearly on any website or publication that the service operates independently from the host club and the UKC. All UKC licensed clubs have the right to refuse entries from any third party entry services.


Third Party Entry Service - A third party entry service is any individual, group or association that allows an exhibitor to submit an entry for a UKC licensed event and does not have direct connection with the UKC, UKC licensed host club, or designated UKC Event Manager.


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